A Great Skin Care Routine: Fashion Week’s Most Overlooked Accessory

The no-makeup makeup trend that’s been dominating runways for the past several fashion seasons has increased the importance of one thing backstage — a great skin care routine. It wasn’t until recently that skin care brands have had any involvement in fashion week shows at all. But with minimalist makeup remaining at the forefront of pop culture due to shifts caused by COVID-19, along with a surge of designer brands developing their own skin care lines, it’s clear that this skin-centered fashion trend isn’t going anywhere any time soon.


To get a glimpse into how great skin care brands like ours can play a critical role in the fashion industry, we spoke with Joshua Pierre, founder of the emerging international menswear brand Edwige Pierre.


HOLLY HALL: How would you describe your personal relationship with skin care?

JOSHUA PIERRE: It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, like listening to Gucci Mane before it was trendy. I never wanted to admit that I have a routine nor that I was intentional in how I care for my skin, but I feel a lot better talking about it when the stuff I’m using is fun and smells good. Who doesn’t like putting on stuff that smells good and enhances your health, both mentally and physically?


How does your skin health impact you as a person in fashion?

Whenever I step out the house or apartment, I feel like I should be presentable. The skin care portion is a part of my morning routine to prepare mentally and physically for whatever happens throughout the day. I feel like our skin is impacted more throughout our daily routines than we understand, so doing what you can to prepare yourself for what’s to come before you go outside really sets the tone and can go a long way.


What’s the first skin care product you remember using? Tell me about it.

I’ve established an extensive relationship with skin care and overall apothecary. I believe it started when I was toddler. I had a negative skin reaction and needed a special cream to alleviate my symptoms. After that, I became obsessive about being clean, and that evolved into only using a specific dove soap and a particular lotion throughout childhood.  


After that point in your life, how did your relationship with skin care continue to grow?

I can’t remember exactly the brand, but I was introduced to a face wash/ moisturizer combo around junior year of high school and completely embraced it. Then, while living in NY, I worked with an apothecary brand that caused my knowledge and appreciation for beauty and wellness to grow. Now, I’m a full supporter of anything that can enhance your well-being and am open to trying everything at least once.


The fashion and beauty industries go hand in hand. One can say that they feed off one another. Where does skin care fall in this relationship? In other words, what do you think the link is between fashion and skin care?

Fashion/apparel is always described as your second skin. So if you’re spending a substantial amount of money on your second skin, you should definitely be doing the same for your actual skin, arguably more money because it’s your SKIN! You’re contradicting your own self-image if you dress fresh/stylish, but you have dingy skin underneath your clothes. If you’re an industry professional, it's always good to put your best foot forward. And that includes moisturizing your skin and flossing your teeth (don’t forget to floss!). On top of that, that dryness of skin might get caught in a stitching and you might cut yourself. Then you have another level of problems.


How do you see fashion trends changing in response to COVID-19? Does this change align with any changes you’re seen in the skin care industry?

There is a bit more of a consistency within skin care than fashion because fashion has to directly reflect the times and mood of society, which is always changing at a fast pace. But there are definitely still some industry commonalities. I believe the biggest trend in both skin care and fashion that I’ve noticed since COVID started is that brands are focusing more on existing customers and fostering more intimate relationships with each other. Another shared change I’ve seen is that consumers have rediscovered their buying power and are using it to purchase from brands with shared values.

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