Learn to Shave the Holly Hall Way

A few weeks ago I attended The Millennial Man, an event which focused on men's grooming & fashion. It was hosted by a great friend of the Holly Hall brand, David Rochez of Ronen PR (s/o to David!), and we wound up having a meaningful conversation with two gentlemen that were expressing their frustration with shaving.

The first didn’t feel comfortable shaving because he didn’t grow up with a father in his life, so he had never been taught how. The second gentleman grew up in the house with his father, but wassimply handed a disposable razor, a can of foam and told to go to town. I instantly appreciated the vulnerability in their truths, and it occurred to me that many of us were never actually taught to shave properly; we're out here just winging it.

That being said, I want to take a few moments to teach you the Holly Hall way to shave. There are five easy steps and it only takes three minutes or less. While the technique was designed by our team of dermatologists for use with our Hydrating Shave Gel, it works well with most other gels and creams too (that is, if the best shave ever isn't exactly your idea of a good time).

Step 1: Apply our Hydrating Shave Gel on the shaving area. Apply a healthy amount (about a half-dollar coin size does the trick for most), enough to lubricate the entire shave area, but not too much to where you're taking a bath in it.

Step 2: Apply a warm towel to the lubricated shaving area for 15 seconds. And I said warm. Please don’t burn your face off and end up looking like Skeletor (dated myself a bit there). This helps the patented formula soften the hair at the root and make for a smoother glide of the blade.

Step 3: Repeat Step 1. The lion share of the gel we applied in Step 1 by this point in the process has been absorbed by the skin and hair, so we need to reapply it in order to prepare for the blade (prepare for the blade sounds like an ominous step in ninja training, and I’m here for it).

Shower Pro Tip: While it's not ideal, you can skip Steps 1 & 2 if you’re fresh out of the shower. Although this shortcut can take a minute off the time it takes to shave the Holly Hall way, keep in mind that you're missing out on that initial shave gel application, and this can end up making a huge difference in your overall shaving experience and result. This isn’t track & field; we’re not shooting for personal records.

Step 4: This is where the magic happens. Take the razor and apply gentle pressure as you make passes across the shaving area with the grain (in the direction in which your hair grows). For most people, with the grain will be in a downwards direction, but everyone’s different, so make sure to get to know your own hair (this is called mapping). Each pass shouldn’t be more than 2-3, inches and remember to rinse off the blade after every couple passes. Continue along the shaving area until you have the desired look.

Neck Pro Tip: If you’re shaving your neck area, do that awkward thing in the mirror where you raise your head up while looking down in the mirror to make sure there are no missed spots. With our clear gel, you can see what you missed without having to reapply.

Beard Pro Tip: Our shave gel stays clear so you can catch your lines with precision. There’s nothing worse than being involuntarily clean shaven because your line got pushed down too far.

Anywhere but your Face Pro Tip: Non-face areas (legs, under arms, bikini, manscaping, etc.) typically don’t get a lot of love and instead get the “whatever is closest in the shower” treatment. These areas can be sensitive to irritation, so using a high quality product like our Hydrating Shave Gel can actually help improve the appearance of the skin there.

Step 5: Rinse your face with cold water to close your pores and then pat dry. And now you’re ready to go win the day (or go to sleep if you’re one of those weirdos that shaves before bed).

For our visual learners, watch the video lesson with yours truly here.

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