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Our Skin Care Priorities

I get questions all the time about what goes into creating Holly Hall products.

“Are your products natural?”

“What are your favorite ingredients?

“What’s your skin care philosophy?”

The last question of the list stuck with me the most. Since we like to keep things simple around here (and I didn’t exactly ace Philosophy 101), I would rather frame it as what are our priorities?”. So here they are:

Trust our experts - We recognize that our customers are not only entrusting us with their skin, but also how they’ll look on that first date or that big work meeting. We rely on our team of clinical dermatologists and chemists to utilize safe ingredients that create effective products. This means we don’t prioritize “natural” or organic except where our experts believe it can deliver a safer or superior product.

User experience - What good is it to create the most effective product in the world if using it’s as much fun as doing your taxes? We work with our team of experts to create products that not only work, but feel good and cultivate a great experience every time you use them.

Keep it simple - There’s no shortage of skin care products out there but we’re confident that our team puts out a product that can stand with or beat the best and even that’s not enough. For too many, skin care is intimidating and unapproachable but we’re here to change that. We use straightforward product names, skin care education and free shipping to make skin care simple.

If you have any questions about our skin care priorities (or philosophy if you’re feeling deep), email us at hello@hollyhallsupply.com.

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