Top 9 Travel Grooming Hacks

Everyone loves to travel but are you traveling like a pro?

Here are some hacks from our trusted customers and staff members who are able to travel to the end of the world with just a carry-on.

1. Sample Size = Travel Size
There are plenty of stores that love to throw in a few samples with every purchase (Nordstrom’s & Sephora, we’re looking at you) and these are perfect for travel. And the best part is, they’re free.

2. Roughing It vs. The Ritz
We love AirBnBs, but often times they come up short in the toiletry department. Make sure to bring all the necessities if you’re not paying top dollar for accommodations.

3. Take What You Paid For
First class accommodations usually come with top notch products. Before you leave, grab all the toiletries your TSA approved bag can handle. After all, you paid for it.

4. Pack Local, Think Global
When traveling abroad, keep in mind that all countries have different rules about what can and can't make it through security. Do your research and play it safe, that way you don't risk throwing away something valuable.

5. CVS Dollar Aisle
If you’re not too particular about which products you take, CVS and other drug stores have a number of travel size options for only a dollar or so.

6. DIY Travel Size
There are a number of stores that sell empty travel size bottles. Fill those up with your full-size favorites and you’ll be good to go.

7. One Soap, One Million Purposes
Castile soap is the soap of all soaps. It can be used as a body wash, shampoo, laundry detergent, dish soap and even as a light surface cleaner. All you need to do is dilute a couple of ounces in water when you're ready to use and all you're good to go.

8. Raise the Bar
Ditch liquid soap for the bar form to save space for other toiletries. Just make sure to bring a plastic bag if your travel involves city hopping.

9. Stay fresh
Pack face wipes for long haul flights so that you can refresh on the go.
Pro tip: they work for places other than your face too.

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