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Shave School: Picking the "Best" Razor

I imagine the quotes gave us away but when it comes to razors, there's no such thing as the BEST. However, don't despair, there is the RIGHT razor for you.

Here are the top three things to consider:

1. Number of blades

Razors come in a variety of styles including:
- Straight razor
- Double edged (or safety) razors
- Single blade
- Two blade
- Three blade
- "Too damn many" blades

Pro Tip: More blades can equal a quicker shave but less precision and could lead to irritation for sensitive skin. Anything more than 3 blades is a bit overkill although there are a few popular 4 blade razors out there. Experiment Goldilocks style to see what works best for you.

2. Razor Handle

Handles have a lot more impact on the comfort and quality of your shave than most would imagine. They come in different materials and lengths which are mostly a matter of preference but the weight can affect how much pressure you need to use on each pass of the razor.

Pro Tip: Avoid plastic handles that feel cheap and are so light that they require extra pressure; a recipe for irritation. Start with a handle that has a medium weight before you experiment with a heavy handle; never forget that shaving at its core is passing a sharp blade against your neck.

3. Where you're shaving

Let's be grown ups...faces and legs aren't the only things we shave and what's good for the drapes isn't always good for the carpet.

Pro Tips: Go easy on the number of blades in more "sensitive" areas and switch out the blades afterwards. Keep it classy.

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