Q: Why is it called Holly Hall Supply Co.?

My intro to skin care was at my dad's dermatology practice on Holly Hall St. in Houston, TX. Added the supply company part because I thought it sounded cool. Our friends just call us Holly Hall. You can call us Holly Hall Supply Co. (kidding! Or am I?)


Q: Are your products for men or women?

We're for everyone who wants to have healthy skin (and is willing to put up with a little dad joke level humor every now and then). 


Q: What's different about Holly Hall?

There are a lot of skin care brands out there. Some quality, some not. Some expensive, some cheap. We provide dermatologist grade skin care products that deliver results at a reasonable price. 


Q: Do you test on animals?

Never have, never will.


Q: Where are your products made?

In the great state of Texas.


Q: How do I make a return?

Please see our policy on our Returns page.


Q: How can I sell Holly Hall products?

Contact hello@hollyhallsupply.com to inquire about being a vendor.


Have a question we didn't answer? Send it to hello@hollyhallsupply.com